NPS James A. Garfield NHS
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  • 11. Introduction

    During the summer and fall of 1880, James A. Garfield’s home and farm became the center of national attention as thousands came here to visit the Republican candidate for President of the United State.  Visitors today can see farm buildings and fruit groves, the lane used by farm workers and campaign visitors, a re-creation of the front porch from which Garfield spoke, and other features of that exciting time. 

    The map here on the plaza shows a picture of Garfield’s nearly 158-acre farm, the location of the railroad and ridge line that once marked Lake Erie’s shore.  It was a long, narrow property and the acreage ran south to north, well beyond the boundaries of the park today. Some buildings shown on the map were added, moved, or changed after the campaign year. We invite you to image the farm as James Garfield and visitors saw it in the eventful summer of 1880.